Our mission is underpinned by the core values of humanity and care. We believe that fostering cooperation between human beings of all religions, origins or beliefs, through voluntary action and humanitarian support to survivors of persecution, conflict and war scenarios, is essential.


To develop a tradition of  work that, by its excellence, will contribute to the exaltation of the principles of cooperation and transparency.


Humanity, Equality, Solidarity, Ethics, Respect for Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, Social Responsibility, Integrity, Tolerance, Equity, and Fraternity.


Heróis Insuperáveis – Associação ( NGO), or H.E.R.O.W.S, was created following the war that began in Ukraine on February 24 2022. Its purpose is Rescue and Humanitarian Relief Operations, preparation of infrastructure for volunteers, direct and Indirect Humanitarian Actions, Local and International.

It arose out of the urgency and restlessness of people whose sole aim and purpose is to help. It meets the urgent need to create teams that can manage, on the ground, the needs of displaced people who are in migration due to ongoing conflicts, which have led to conditions in which it has become impossible to live (and in many cases, survive).

We have learned that, despite the rapid evolution of communications in the digital age, human beings cannot yet communicate efficiently enough to avoid a conflict of the proportions that the current one threatens to be.

This team was born to grow. To grow in Experience, in Volunteering, in Humanitarian Support and in Health Care. Grow in Caring.

At the moment, H.E.R.O.W.S. is on the ground representing the Portuguese Delegation at the Tesco Social Evacuation Center (CES) in Przemýsl (Poland), which is temporarily hosting displaced persons coming from Ukraine.

The daily actions performed are diverse; inherent to the management of the project itself, such as:

  • Coordination of transportation and registration of displaced persons arriving from Ukraine, whose final destination is Portugal.
  •  After registration, the displaced person is allocated air transport (in coordination with the Portuguese Embassy in Warsaw) or land transport (in coordination with Municipalities and/or local Associations).
  • Participation in the process of collection, storage and distribution of donations to be delivered in Ukraine; involving interaction with multiple agents in the field.

H.E.R.O.W.S. is committed to acting and adopting behaviors that are constructive, supportive and respectful towards all stakeholders in the process inherent to its activity (Volunteers, NGO representatives, Official Entities, Displaced Persons and Donors).

We work in partnership with various Authorities, Public Entities, Companies, and Associations, in order to achieve all the objectives that we propose, which can never be too much, nor enough.

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